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Electronic Maintenance Products

Asalco carrys a wide range of cleaners, solvents, and specialty products. Our electronic maintenance products appeal to both the every day user and the big computer manufacturers.

Our electronic maintenance products increase the performance of your electronics, and extend their lifetime. Some specific examples of electronic maintenance products include dusters, freezes, protective coating, desoldering braid, and swabs.

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Duster & Duster L

HFC 134a is a non-flammable propellant that blows away hard to reach dust and dirt.

Duster Power Plus

HFC 152a has the same qualities and applications as Duster but with a different propellant.


Freezes instantly (-51°C /-60°F).

LCD / Plasma Cleaner

Cleaner for LCD and Plasma screens.

LCD / Plasma Cleaner Kit

Cleaner kit for LCD and Plasma screens.


Available in various sizes of foam and cotton.

Glass Cleaner

Foaming action ideal for cleaning glass, plexiglass, plastics and stainless steel.

Super Wash

Super cleaner and degreaser.


99.9% isopropyl alcohol.

High Performance Flux Clean

Cleans flux from lead-free soldering.

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